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Hobey Baker High School Award

Hobey Baker High School Character Award

Character, Commitment, Teamwork, Persistence, Selflessness, Academic Excellence and Sportsmanship. “The Team before me.”

These are the values that the Hobey Baker Foundation promotes and recognizes with the Hobey Baker High School Character Award. Started in 2003 and supported by high school coaches, this award is presented to the player on each High School team that most exemplifies the values and traits of Hobey Baker himself.

2005  Cam Brieden
2006  Nick Fabbri
2007  John Kalmar
2008  Andrew Beeg
2009  Travis Guest
2010  Jake Chaffee
2011  Mike VanderVelde
2012  Justin Ullrey
2013  Jacob Smyth
2014  Nathan Rozegnal
2015  Brock Johnson
2016  Chris Anderson
2017  Steven Hazzard
2018  Kevin Healy & Ryan Earl
2019  Braden Dahlke
2020  Kyle Switzer & Presley Webb